OWAY Volumizing hair bath

€ 32,00

Volumising shampoo for fine, lifeless hair.

Volumising hair bath for fine, lifeless, floppy hair.


  • Cleanses while doning strength and body to fragile, limp hair
  • Moisturizes without weighing hair down
  • Contrasts static electricity
  • Maintains lightness from the roots to the rest of the hair
  • Has antioxidant, stimulatin, purifying and antiseptic properties
  • pH 4,0-5,0

Key ingredients

  • Biodynamic yarrow - stimulates micro-cirtulation, improving the healht and strength of the hair structure.
  • Ethically-produced purple rice - leaves your skin soft and smooth and gives it special antioxidant properties.
  • Organic ginger - a decongestant and antioxidant, it has stimulatin, purifying and antiseptic properties.
  • Amino acid co-surfactant - provides support and body to the hair and favours its right oxygenation.
  • Cotton seed oil - thanks to its low molecular weight – provides the right moisturising degree to scalp and hair, without weighing hair down.


  • Marigold, geranium, tangerine, coriander

How to use

Apply to wet hair, massage in and rinse.