Barber Maurice 

Maurice aka  Barber Maurice is an experienced barber who after his training worked at a number of barbershops in Amsterdam and in 2018 decided to look for his luck as an entrepreneur within Jacks2Gents. Maurice has turned his hobby into his job and has gained a loyal following of customers. He takes great pride in providing excellent service to his clients and making sure that everyone leaves his shop happy.

He is a strong believer that everyone should take care of their mental health and his barbershop serves as a safe place where people can talk openly and honestly about their feelings. He is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone who walks into his shop.

"Self-care is the key to a healthy mind and body - don't forget to take care of yourself!"


Passie is a novice barber who is back for a short time, to then move on to a new adventure in his life. He is a creative professional with a passion for helping people look and feel their best. Passie believes that hair is an art form and loves to use his unique style to help his clients achieve the look that they desire. Passie is also an advocate for ADHD awareness. He knows first-hand how difficult it can be to focus and stay organized when dealing with ADHD, so he works hard to provide a safe and comfortable environment for his clients. Passie is dedicated to helping his clients look and feel their best while also providing support and understanding.


"Living with ADHD is not a limitation, it's an opportunity to discover your superpower."