OWAY Purifying rice wax

€ 50,00

Peeling rice wax. 


Anti-flake, detoxifying and purifying peeling.


  • Exfoliates dead cells
  • Regenerates skin subject to scaling
  • Eliminates oily or dry dandruff build-up
  • Reactivates the scalp’s microcirculation

Key ingredients

  • Biodynamic Rosemary Oil - refreshing, purifying and antimicrobial properties, promotes micro-blood circulation of the scalp, which is beneficial to hair growth and their state of health
  • Biodynamic Thyme - antimicrobial, sebum-regulating and antiseptic properties
  • Organic Willow - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and toning properties
  • Ethical Teak and Mahogany - antiseptic and astrigent for the skin, invigorating and energizáng for the hair, strengthens hair structure and has antibacterial properties
  • Menthol Extract - astringent and purifying properties, bestows an immediate sensation of freshness and relief and boasts significant anti-itching properties