OWAY Quick Glue

€ 32,00

Extra-strong quick-setting glue for the most difficult hairstyles.


  • Provides extremely strong fixation
  • Ideal for very sculpted looks
  • Shapes each lock with a decisive effect
  • For creative, long-lasting styling
  • Protective and brightening properties

Key ingredients

  • Amla - nourishes and invigorates, giving a thick head of healthy hair, stimulates growth and prevents hair loss
  • Biodynamic Marrubium - reinforces the structure of the hair, boosting natural defences against ultra-violet radiation
  • Ethically-Produced Marula - with restorative, protestive and hydrating properties
  • Organic Black Quinoa - rich in high-quality vegetable proteins, it nourishes and protects hair fibre

How to use

Apply a small amount of product to dry hair, shaping lock by lock.