OWAY Shabby Mud

€ 32,00

Soft hold clay to create a messy and sloppy hairstyle.


  • Enhances choppy locks and layering with soft hold
  • Defines shape and removes unwanted volume
  • Adds a satin-matte effect

Key ingredients

  • Amla - nourishes and invigorates, giving a thick head of healthy hair, stimulates growth and prevents hair loss
  • Biodynamic Marrubium - reinforces the structure of the hair, boosting natural defences against ultra-violet radiation
  • Ethically-Produced Marula - with restorative, protestive and hydrating properties
  • Organic Black Quinoa - rich in high-quality vegetable proteins, it nourishes and protects hair fibre

How to use

Apply to hair, shaping with your fingers according to the desired effect. Apply on dry hair.