Oway Sublime Hair Milk

€ 39,00

Sublime hair milk

100 ML

Regenerating and anti-frizz hair milk


• Smooths the hair fibre
• Eliminates the frizzy effect, sealing the cuticles
• Makes all hair types easy to comb and offers extreme manageability.

Styling result: anti-frizz effect
Treatment action on the hair: conditioning
Effect: natural

Olfactory sensations

Floral notes of citrus, with an aromatic background and hints of wood


Towel-dry the hair, distribute the product from mid-lengths to the ends. Comb before and after application. Blow dry as desired.
• Ideal on curly, wavy and/or frizzy hair
• Also suitable for fine/medium hair to tame it and provide fullness and smoothness
• Application on wet hair and blow-drying recommended