OWAY Sunway After-sun Hair & Body Bath

€ 10,00

Shampoo and shower gel after sunbathing


Restorative, moisturising and anti-oxidant hair and body bath. For all hair types and skin.


  • Gently washes hair and body
  • Effectively removes all salt, sand and chlorine residues
  • Gently moisturises the hair fibre, thanks to a targeted mix of oils
  • Regenerates and tones thanks to the mix of citrus essential oils
  • Dermatologically tested/nickel tested
  • pH 4,5-4,95

Free of SLS/SLES, preservatives, petrolatum, PEG, PPG & BG, EDTA, synthetic fragrances, artigicial colorants.

Key ingredients

  • Organic baobab oil - improves the elasticity and strengthens the lipid layer of the skin.
  • Biodinamic calendula extract - soothes and protects sensitive and sensitised skin.
  • Ethically-produced passion fruit - this oil has a light texture that hydrates the hair, fighting dehydration.
  • Biodinamic green anise extract - antioxidant, performs ans antioxidant action that helps combat the a ction of free radicals caused by external agents. Fights skin oxidation and premature aging.


  • A fresh and elegant blend that combines notes of Mediterranean citrus with the warm depth of exotic woods, all lightened by subtle background vanilla notes
  • Sweet orange, bergamot, lemon, lavender, vanilla, fennel

How to use

Massage onto damp hair and body, then rinse. Repeat procedure if necessary.